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About Hospice

Hospice is care which is usually delivered at home or in a home-like setting to persons in the final phase of terminal illness. It neither hastens nor postpones death, but affirms life, emphasizing quality, not length. Hospice empowers patients to live pain-free with dignity, while involving families and loved ones in giving care.

A major goal is enhancing an environment where patients and families have satisfactory mental and spiritual preparation for death. Hospice for dying people, their families, and their caregivers is a special kind of care that:
  • Treats the physical and emotional needs of patients, as well as their spiritual needs.
  • Takes place in the patient's home, or in a home-like setting.
  • Concentrates on making patients as free of pain and as comfortable as they want to be so they can make the most of the time that remains.
  • Considers helping family members an essential part of its mission.
  • Believes the quality of life to be as important as the length of life.
More than one million patients and their families have utilized the services of hospice (pronounced "HOS-pis").

Some 78 percent of all hospice patients have cancer. Many of the others have heart disease, lung disease, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. However, regardless of a patient's disease or age, hospices open their doors and their hearts to all terminally ill persons.

Many surviving family members say, "I do not know what I would have done without hospice." And many credit it with helping to make their final days with their loved ones warm and memorable.

Our Team

No job is too big or too small for the hospice team; it helps in every way it can. This may include:
  • Case management by an RN to manage all symptoms and discomforts from the disease.
  • Personal care by certified home health aides to ensure personal dignity despite the disability. This includes bathing, oral hygiene, care of laundry, and maintenance of patient's bedroom.
  • Social Workers assist with financial concerns, making funeral arrangements and helping family members cope.
  • Chaplains provide spiritual counseling to the patient and family.
  • Volunteers provide many opportunities to increase the quality of life during this special time. They provide favorite foods, reading to patients and completing life journals.
Though hospice professionals and volunteers are there to help, they encourage patients to be as active and to do as much for themselves as possible.

Our Mission

The mission of HOSPICE BY THE SEA is to provide hospice care to patients with a limited life expectancy and emotional support to their families.

The primary goal of HOSPICE BY THE SEA is to improve the "quality of life" when the quantity of life is limited.


As we are a non-profit health care provider, donations help support the vital services provided to patients and families served by Hospice By The Sea.

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Hospice By The Sea
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